Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Old Man Is Delusional!

John McCain was in Iowa today and on Meet the Press. He denies the polls, claiming they are incorrect and states he has access to polls that show a different perspective of the race for the White House.

To listen to him be questioned is like listening to finger nails across a caulk board. He interrupts, avoids the questions and gives answers that have nothing to do with the questions. He is proud of Sarah Palin, sounding like she is his daughter winning the school spelling bee. He defends her and his decision for choosing her as his running mate, even though most Republicans disagree with him.

Then he claims to be getting closer to beating Obama on Nov. 4th. Apparently somebody in his campaign has forgotten to give him his medication, just possibly on purpose. Maybe it is Cindy.

In Iowa, McCain dismisses sour poll numbers

AP – In this photograph provided by 'Meet the Press,' Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, …
WATERLOO, Iowa – Republican John McCain on Sunday dismissed the sour poll numbers that show him trailing in his White House race against Democrat Barack Obama and said his campaign is "doing fine."
Interviewed on NBC's "Meet the Press," the Arizona senator said he has pulled closer to Obama.
"We've closed in the last week," McCain said. "We'll continue to be very competitive in many of the battleground states."
Recent public polls have shown McCain trailing Obama both nationally and in some of the battleground states, including Iowa, where McCain was campaigning Sunday. A Newsweek poll released Saturday showed Obama with a 13-point lead nationally.
Iowa offers seven electoral votes. A total of 270 Electoral College votes are needed to win the presidency.
Questioned about his standing, McCain said the race is close and insisted he will emerge victorious on Nov. 4, Election Day.
"This is going to be a very close race, and I believe I'm going to win it," he said. McCain said he's been heartened by the size of the crowds and the level of enthusiasm at his events.
On the subject of his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain rejected the notion that she unqualified to be president and is hurting the campaign.
"I don't defend her. I praise her. She is exactly what Washington needs," he said.
He also dismissed criticism about the Republican Party spending $150,000 on her wardrobe at high-end retailers.
"She lives a frugal life, she and her family are not wealthy, she and her family were thrust into this," McCain said. "She is a role model to millions and millions of Americans."
He continued to paint Obama as a big-spending liberal.
"We have stark differences," said McCain, a conservative, characterizing Obama's economic positions as the most liberal he has seen. "His political philosophy is very different."
McCain argued that he's comfortable with the state of the race with nine days before the election.
"Obviously, I choose to trust my senses as well as the polls," he said. "I've been in a lot of presidential campaigns. I see the intensity out there, I see the passion. We're very competitive out there."
"We're going to do well in this campaign," he said.
At another point, McCain predicted: "We're going to be up very, very late on election night."
McCain was headed to the University of Northern Iowa for a rally and then to the battleground of Ohio, where polls show McCain faltering in the race for that state's 20 electoral votes. Ohio gave President Bush a second term in the 2004.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do They Really Care!

The presidential campaigning has been going on now for what seems like an eternity or maybe longer. We have watched many come and go. Some good and some bad, there are some still running that we don't even know about that might actually be better then the front two. Yes there are more then Obama and McCain, but you won't ever hear of them because our democracy doesn't work that way.

So if the Dems have Obama and the Repubs have McCain who of the two really cares? Well according to both of them they claim they both do. Or maybe better, they both claim the other one really does not care. I kind of believe they both care as much as will get them elected. It's really hard to determine who to believe since they spend most of their campaign money on ads that do nothing but tells lies about the other.

The thing that concerns me the most is health care. You might ask doesn't the government already offer health care? The answer is yes, they do for the elderly and the disabled. But like anything the government has control of it is not well managed, to say the least.

Both candidates have what they call a health care plan. Senator Obama's plan is in the direction of governmental universal health care for everyone. Senator McCain has a plan that would create more competition in order to lower health care costs to help individuals buy their own private insurance.

There is legislation that is trying to be pasted, the Community Choice Act. This basically is allowing individuals to choose if they want to live in nursing homes or stay in their own homes an be taken care of there. In my understanding this plan would not cost more to do, it would just be reallocating the money from nursing homes to the individual. Senator Obama is in favor of this plan and Senator McCain is not. So I will leave it up to you to decide.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

15 Down How Many To Go?

How many banks have to close before this government bailout starts to make a difference or at least plugs the hole in the sinking ship of our economy?

According to Fox Business Joanna Ossinger, two more banks have closed, one in Illinois and one in Michigan that brings the total to 15 nationwide. Both of the banks business will be assumed by banks within each state and all depositors money is safe and insured.

So what was all the hurry about by Washington to get this thing signed and working? Nothing seems to be working yet. Way to go Washington, what would we do with out you? If you watch cspan and listen to the ones in charge it sure sounds like no one has any idea what they are doing. God help us.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bailout or Sellout

Washington passed the Wall Street bailout, finally. Well they tell us it was all for the good of Main Street but was it really or was it all for the good of Wall Street and the greed mongers?

Main Street America is still worried if they will have a job on Monday morning, if they will be getting an eviction notice hung on their door, if their bank will close and if that happens will they loose the money they have saved and loose their retirement accounts. Washington tells them everything is ok and safe, well protected but they have been told that before. John McCain told them just before the shit hit the fan that the economy was ok and it was strong, well President Bush said that and McCain and Bush are one and the same. We all know that was a lie.

The two candidates are both running on the platform of change. First it was Obama's idea then McCain saw how good that strategy was so he jump on the band wagon, can McCain come up with an original idea or does he just go with what's popular. He has proved that by who he picked as his running mate, a woman any woman, John she's no Hillary. OK back on topic. They both claim to be agents of change but they both voted for the sellout, oh I mean the bailout or whatever they are calling it today. Come on boys one of you has to show us what change is, make an original decision, grow some balls.

While main Street is still in the position they were in or worse the top executives of the financial institutions that closed or were bought out haven't had to sell anything or loose anything to eviction or repossession. So who do you think got bailout?